All Saints


High Street, Turvey, Bedfordshire

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Special Events

This page lists our special services and events. For information about our regular Sunday services, please see the Regular Services page.

Monday 7th May, 3.00pm - 5.00pm

Cream Teas
Come and have a delicious cream tea in the church, all welcome.

Saturday 28th July, 7.00am start

The Eight Spires Way
A new 23 mile circular walk of eight legs linking the seven villages and eight churches of the Chellington Team Ministry.
Click to download the publicity flier (PDF) for this event.
We are really looking forward to you joining us on the 28th July and whether it's for one leg, the whole route or just a cup of tea, it will be wonderful to see you. Jacqueline and Peter will be walking at a rate of around 3miles/hour but there is no pressure to walk at the same pace or to keep to any timetable! Please listen out for the bells. An enthusiastic team of campanologists will be ringing the bells at every church to welcome the walkers. An appealing prospect!
Refreshments: available at St Lawrence, Wymington; URC, Harrold; St Mary’s, Stevington.
Water: will be available to fill your water bottle at all the churches.
Lunch: please bring a packed lunch with you. St Mary’s, Carlton are providing some seating for the lunch stop at 12.15pm. If you’re starting with Leg 1, packed lunches will be transported to St Mary’s, Carlton so that you don’t have to carry it all the way.
Supper: all are invited (encouraged) to join Jacqueline & Peter in The Bell for supper at the end of the walk and even if you haven’t walked you will be most welcome; the more the merrier! There is no need to book but it would be a great help if you were able to let Nick Tusting know beforehand whether you will be coming.
Maps: Detailed maps and a description of the legs will be available to pick up at each church.
Wheelchairs, scooters and buggies: Legs 4 & 5 (leg 4 starts at 11.40am from the URC) are suitable for wheelchairs, scooters and buggies.
“Passport”: Each walker can pick up a “passport” from the church that they start the walk from, which will be stamped at all the churches that they walk to. How many stamps can you collect?
Leg 1 at depart 07:00 from All Saints’ Odell to St Lawrence Wymington, 5.2m
Leg 2 at depart 09:05 from St Lawrence Wymington to St Mary’s Podington, 1.7m
Leg 3 at depart 09:55 from St Mary’s Podington to URC Harrold, 4.4m
Leg 4 at depart 11:40 from URC Harrold to St Peter’s Harrold, 0.4m
Leg 5 at depart 12:10 from St Peter’s Harrold to St Mary’s Carlton, 1.5m
Leg 6 at depart 13:00 from St Mary’s Carlton to All Saints’ Turvey, 1.9m
Leg 7 at depart 14:00 from All Saints’ Turvey to St Mary’s Stevington, 3.7m
Leg 8 at depart 15:30 from St Mary’s Stevington to All Saints’ Odell, 3.8m
Dogs: you are welcome to walk with your dog. Please keep it under control or on a lead. Water for dogs will be available at all churches.
Buses: buses 25 & 26 run between some of the villages. As at 26/03/2018, times are as follows. Check times at
9.55 from Podington to Odell (26)
10.32 from Harrold to Wymington (25)
13.33 from Harrold to Wymington (25)
14.05 from Carlton to Stevington (25)
13.56 from the Fox, Carlton to Harrold (25)
Loos: there are loos available at all churches except Podington.
Litter: please respect the countryside and take all litter home with you.
Contact: (not on the day) please do call Nick Tusting on tel: 01234 720320 to book supper or to offer help or for any queries or email
Please note that all walkers join “The Eight Spires Way” at their own risk, and must take full responsibility for their own welfare, their children and their dogs.